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Who we Recommend

Bea More Dog

Bea has not only helped me with my own 3 dogs, but has helped me with a number of dogs I walk. When my dog, Bailey, was attacked he became fearful of any dog approaching him from behind and would bite them. With Bea's help, he is no longer is afraid of new dogs and is back to his happy self.

All training was backed up with positive enforcement and all of my dogs loved their sessions with her!

Professional and affordable - we highly recommend booking Bea!

K9 Southwest Hydrotherapy


Sam has helped me with a number of dogs I look after. Edson, a very unique dog who is born deaf, does not like to be touched and severely arthritic. Before Ed started hydrotherapy, he was going lame after even the shortest of walks and on full time painkillers to manage this. After starting weekly hydrotherapy, he is now a happy dog on no medications who is able to run for 30 minutes with no signs of any arthritis!


Not only affordable and professional, the facility is beautiful, modern and clean!

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