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"What does the BB stand for in BB Pet Care?" is one of the most common questions we get asked. The answer is Bailey and Belle. They are my two Jack Russells whose presence in my life inspired the company and the way we work to this day.

In the beginning, as a new pet owner, I needed someone I could trust to look after my two; someone who could give them the affection they were used to receiving from me and the exercise, play and socialisation needed to tire them out every day. All this with the decency to not let them loose in my house covered in mud and for a price I could actually afford.

When it became apparent this wasn't easy to find, I wondered if I had set my sights too high and maybe I should lower my expectations. But you know what? I decided my pets deserved the best care, even if I didn't have a fortune to spare, and from that moment on, the idea for BB Pet Care was born.

Today, I focus on being the company I needed back then, providing totally flexible, and genuinely cost-effective care for your pets. Bailey and Belle often accompany one of our team on walks, and we've yet to find someone Belle can't tire out (yes, that is a challenge!).


Don't forget, we don't just cater for dogs. If we can, we will - just ask!

BB Pet Care - Dog Walker Calne

"My dogs love being walked by BB Pet Care, they always come home well exercised and happy. Reliable service and great value for money. Would highly recommend.​

Dog Walker Calne

We have used BB Pet Care for several months now for walking our dogs. They are very reliable and highly recommended. The dogs enjoy it and look forward to going out.

BB Pet Care - Dog Walker Chippenham

Pip loves Chris and his walks, she has so much fun being chased by the one or two dogs Chris pairs her with!


Chris has given George some amazing training, as he's walked him since a puppy. He has grown up great with other dogs, listens to commands and walks well on lead!



We work in smaller groups so that we can either walk dogs straight from your house, or they will have a short journey in comfort in a car, with the wind in their ears and windows to look out of. 

The length and type of walk is based on what tires your dog out, rather than just a set period of time. You pay the same flat rate, and we do the hard work!


​We make sure they've had plenty of water, and will clean up any wee's etc. they couldn't hold. No need to worry about muddy carpets or furniture, or an unhappy pup!

We also keep you updated with a picture or two of the wonderful time your dog is having out on his/her adventure.


​Our prices are super budget friendly as we think proper exercise and care shouldn't be unaffordable for anyone. We offer discounted rates for elderly dogs, and anyone who needs pet care (emergency or not) due to hospital admissions. 

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